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Paid Per Click

PPC Strategies Designed to Produce Results!

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Paid Per Click

Get the right prospects, generate quick traffic, increase conversions, brand awareness, and outreach in the short-term with a host of services designed to increase sales and revenue.

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Why Our PPC Outranks Others

Progressive Marketing is a top PPC marketing company that functions as a:

  • Google Advertising Agency,
  • Facebook Marketing Company,
  • Youtube Ads Agency,
  • And as a Social Media Marketing Company.

We will help you generate quick traffic, massively increase conversions and brand awareness, and evidently, increase your return on investment.

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How We Do PPC

Results That Matter

As a top PPC marketing agency, Progressive Marketing strives to create high-quality leads that convert into paying customers.

A Team You Can Trust

Dedicated PPC strategists, account managers, and copywriters will be working with you daily.

Creative Attitude

In addition to numbers and statistics, we will make your landing pages and ads stand out.

Our PPC Package Include


Our leading PPC marketing agency audits your top competitors and analyzes the overall buyer journey for your target market. With the help of our software, we can see which keywords generate the most business for your competitors and apply the same to your campaign.

ROI Centric Results

At PM, we believe that marketing that does not generate revenue isn’t worthwhile. No matter what kind of account we are taking over, we rebuild it from scratch. Rather than just driving clicks, we create campaigns that benefit your bottom line.


The Foregoing Optimization

A PPC campaign should never be viewed as a one-time task. Your account is closely monitored, and we identify opportunities that will give you an edge in the market. 80% of your business’ success depends on 20% of your activities. Our job is to figure out what those 20% are.

Tracking Made Easy

Our first priority is to make sure tracking has been set up properly (via the Google Tag Manager). Our team loves to keep you updated on the performance of your account, whether it’s an inbound phone call or a quote request, we let you know it all.

Creation of Specialized Landing Pages

The first half of any PPC campaign is the campaign itself. Creating a great user experience is the second half. To ensure as many web visitors convert as possible at every stage of the buying process, we design, build, and test new landing pages.


The Remarketing Process

We understand that most buyers don’t make a purchase on the first visit to a website. This is why we include remarketing in your campaigns. Using remarketing, we are able to re-engage and nurture your target audience towards a sale.