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ROI of 500% to 1700% in 5 MONTHS

Fashion Apparel Brand for Men

The client was a men’s apparel brand looking to increase their online sales and generate more ROI from their marketing spend.

03 Steps


Fashion Store

The client was a fashion apparel brand for men. They had an online store that wasn’t generating a sufficient amount of sales. They wanted to increase their number of sales and boost their ROI, in a short amount of time.

The company was based in the US. Their store was on Shopify. The ad platforms that they were using were Facebook and Instagram.


Generate More Sales & ROI

The major objectives were to increase the number of sales as well as increase buyer retention. The client was facing an issue of generating more ROI against the ad spent. The rate of cart abandonment was very high and due to that, the client wasn’t getting many sales. The objective was to:

The objective was to

  • Increase ROI on ad spent
  • Show results within 2 weeks
  • Scale to 4x ad spent


The reason for less ROI was because they lacked a proper marketing strategy, UI/UX was low, there was no proper ad optimization and testing, and so on.

The challenges we faced are

  • The website wasn’t optimized for max conversions.
  • Results within two weeks of the campaign.
  • Dynamic re-targeting wasn’t set up.
  • Initial targeting wasn’t effective
  • There was no testing procedure
  • There was no ad optimization
  • There were no email marketing initiatives
  • They had confusing navigation of the website.



We began the process by testing various audience segments, ad creatives, and copies. We used the Facebook pixel to create various LAL audiences and custom audiences and began the ad optimization process. Also, we started setting up email marketing initiatives.

Steps of


We began with creating the assets that were needed for the creation of a full sales funnel, including:

  • Researching and identifying relevant audience segments.
  • Creating LAL audiences.
  • Setting up and starting re-targeting ads.
  • Modification in ad targeting by using audience personas.
  • Setting up cart abandonment emails.
  • Use of LAL audiences.
  • Setting up dynamic re-targeting.
  • Proper setting up of campaigns by modifying frequency relevance etc.

Initiation &


After the assets were developed, we began the ads campaigns by initiating the traffic and awareness ads. The objectives at this stage were the following:

  • Testing various ad creatives and copies.
  • Testing different ad types and identifying which worked best.
  • Testing various audiences and finding the ones that got us the best results.
  • Testing various emails
  • Timings and frequencies.
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Implementation Process

After the testing phase, our efforts were focused on implementing a sales funnel. The steps that we followed were:

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:


The focus at this stage was to generate sales and for that purpose, we used paid ads, different awareness campaigns, a lookalike audience, and dynamic re-targeting ads to reach maximum customers at the right time to increase sales and profitability of the business.


Once the visitors showed interest in the e-commerce store, we used retargeting ads to further kindle their interest.


After the interest phase, we targeted the visitors to buy the product and get their contact information (i.e., email IDs) and become a customer so that we can contact them further on a more personalized level i-e via emails.


Once we started getting contact information, we used email campaigns, automation, and retargeting ads to turn them into recurring paying customers to increase the ROI.


Email campaigns, retargeting and good customer support ensured customer loyalty and retention.


— we achieved
Increase of conversions in the 1st month
ROAS in the end of 3rd month
ROAS in the end of 5th month

“I must say I was having nightmares because I was spending my money on ads and wasn’t able to get any ROI. But Progressive Marketing resolved all my marketing issues and helped me get 12x ROI in just 3 months.”

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