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900% Return on Investment in 5 Months

Organic Skincare Product

The client was an organic skincare product brand that wanted to generate a consistent stream of online sales. They didn’t have a website or any previous data.



Online Shop

The client was a skincare brand that was previously selling skincare products in their brick and motor stores. They wanted to start selling their products online but had no means or direction for it. They had no website, no ad accounts, no ads, no strategy in place, and no previous data.


Create & Increase Online Sales

The major objectives were to bring the conventional market to the online store, increase the number of sales as well as ensure buyer retention. The client was facing an issue of generating more ROI against its ad spent.

The objective was to

  • Generate online customer base quickly, from no online store to an ROI of at least 400% in 3 months.


The main challenge was that there was no website and due to that no marketing strategy could be implemented.

The challenges we faced were

  • No prior website or any online presence
  • No pixel or any other data
  • No ad accounts
  • No strategy in place
  • No ads or ad assets
  • No email automation in place
  • No testing and optimization procedure
  • Get results within 3 months campaign



Our initial step was to come up with a complete marketing strategy and for that to happen, we began a comprehensive market search.

After going through the websites of various skincare brands and competitors, we crafted a marketing strategy for the client. This strategy had a roadmap for each of the components we needed to create a steady stream of online sales. Those components were:

  • Website
  • Ad platforms
  • Ads
  • Tracking
  • Email Automation

Steps of


We began with creating the assets that were needed for the creation of a full sales funnel, including:

  • Designing the complete website
  • Better navigation and buying experience using video tracking heat-maps etc
  • Implementation of Fb pixel; mouse flow; GTM etc
  • Setting up cart abandonment emails
  • Setting up website abandonment banners
  • Modification in ad targeting by creating and using audience persons
  • Use of LAL audiences
  • Setting up retargeting and dynamic re-targeting
  • Proper setting up of campaigns by modifying frequency relevance etc

Initiation &


After the assets were developed, we began the ad campaigns by initiating the traffic and awareness ads. After which we started a lead generation campaign via landing pages that we designed to grab the emails of the target audience. The objectives at this stage were the following:

  • Testing various ad platforms and identifying which worked best for the marketplace.
  • Testing different ad types and identifying which worked best.
  • Testing various audiences and finding the ones that got us the best results.
  • Testing various ad content and identifying the winners.
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Implementation Process

After the testing phase, our efforts were focused on implementing a sales funnel. The steps that we followed were:

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:

Awareness/Top of Funnel

The focus at this stage was to generate awareness and for that purpose, we used site traffic, different awareness campaigns, lookalike audiences, and dynamic re-targeting ads to reach maximum customers at the right time to increase sales and profitability of the business.


Once the visitors showed interest in the e-commerce store, we used retargeting ads to further kindle their interest.

Intent/Mid of Funnel

After the interest phase, we targeted the visitors to buy the product and get their contact information (i.e., email IDs) and become a customer so that we can contact them further on a more personalized level i-e via emails.

Purchase/Bottom of the Funnel

Once we started getting contact information, we used email campaigns, automation, and retargeting ads to turn them into recurring paying customers to increase the ROI.


Email campaigns, retargeting and good customer support ensured customer loyalty and retention.


— we achieved
ROI in the 1st month.
• ROI in the end of 2nd month
ROI at the end of 5th month

“I wasn’t sure how to bring my business online and start making a profit out of it. Progressive Marketing not only helped me transform my business but also helped me make a profit in just 5 months.”

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