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About Payment Gateway

Our client had a payment gateway, a system that reads and transmits a customer’s payment information to a merchant’s bank account. It is responsible for capturing data, ensuring funds are accessible and paying the merchant. Our client aimed to widen their reach and acquire more users for their payment gateway.

The process of getting 5500 PAID SUBSCRIBERS in 4 months started:


Payment Gateway – Subscriber Generation

The client intended to introduce a payment gateway that they had developed. This required grabbing customers’ attention to lead them to a landing page. On the landing page, their goal was to have potential customers either book a call with them or download a PDF. They needed to run an ad on LinkedIn in order to communicate with the individuals in charge of financial decisions at small and medium businesses.


The core objectives were:

  • Generate leads
  • Convert the max no of leads into customers
  • Retain these customers


The following were the main challenges:

  • No strategy
  • There were no ad accounts.
  • There was no history of marketing data.
  • No advertisements
  • There was no setup for tracking



We examined and assessed the needs and challenges of the target audience, studied the previous marketing assets, studied the marketing initiatives of the competitors, and designed a clear marketing strategy that would transform the potential prospects into leads.

Our marketing process was typical sales funnels i-e use various social media ad platforms to direct the target audience on the specialized microsites. When on this microsite, the visitors will provide their contact details in exchange for the lead magnet (free trial, e-book)

Steps of


How would this work?

  • We designed landing pages
  • We also designed lead magnets for the landing pages
  • We commenced ad campaigns using LinkedIn
  • Our ads would attract the target audience
  • The target audience would be redirected to the landing page
  • From there, they would provide their contact information to get lead magnets (e-book, free trial)
  • Afterward, we started email campaigns and nurturing tactics.


  • We tested different social media platforms to figure out which worked best for this particular product
  • We experimented with various adz to test which provide the most engagement
  • We tested different target audiences to see which specific audience requires the product
  • We tested different landing pages and lead magnets

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The Implementation Process

The testing phase laid down the groundwork for implementing a sales funnel.

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:


At this stage, we used paid traffic advertisements and various awareness initiatives to attract as many visitors and eyes as possible to the website.


We used re-targeting ads to further kindle their interest, once the visitors showed interest in the marketplace


After the interest phase, we made the option to the site visitors that they could become leads by downloading our lead magnet, providing us with their email ids, and becoming a lead. This would allow us to communicate with them in the future on a more privatized basis, specifically through email.


After receiving their email IDs, we turned leads into customers by using email campaigns.


Customer loyalty and retention were ensured by email marketing campaigns presented in newsletter formats, webinars, and providing excellent support to customers.


— we achieved
5 €
was the cost per lead (CPL)
targeted and relevant leads within 3 weeks
booked calls

“Wonderful experience with Progressive Marketing. They handled our complete marketing process and got subscribers for our product at a very low cost.”

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