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9,000+ Subscriptions in 3 Months

Professional Development Courses

The client offered online courses and certifications on professional development for employees and employers to enhance their leadership skills, extend their professional network, and more.


Client’s Background

The client owns an organization providing coaching and training to help professionals increase their knowledge, skills, and expertise in their fields. Their website offers online video courses, certifications, and a well-designed Learning Management System.


They wanted to increase her brand awareness through Twitter marketing and get quality leads and paid subscribers. However, the client’s ultimate objective was to gain subscriptions to her professional development courses.


The client reached out to us with the following challenges:

  • Poor Twitter presence
  • The target audience was not adequately identified
  • The absence of resources for engaging content creation
  • Competitive market
  • The lack of an effective strategy


We started out by revamping the client’s Twitter account and creating engaging content for the target market. We designed and implemented hashtag and influencer marketing campaigns to build brand awareness. Ultimately, we set up a Twitter ad campaign to boost reach and get quality leads. This concluded a significant increase in website traffic and subscriptions to online courses.


Implementation Process

Our attention shifted towards designing and implementing the most effective Twitter marketing strategies to increase the client’s live counseling reservations. The following are the strategies:

The implementation

Hashtag Campaign

We created a unique hashtag, #TellYourStory, and 30 relevant monthly posts. The purpose was to gain reach and encourage users to share videos of them sharing their professional development journeys and success stories in their respective fields.

Influencer Marketing

We researched and contacted influencers with a strong following on Twitter. These influencers were employers who were willing to share their success stories. We partnered with them to increase reach and engagement to the client’s Twitter account.

Twitter Ads

We ran Twitter ads targeting the market identified through influencer marketing to promote our client’s online courses on professional development. The ads directed users to the company’s website, where they could directly sign up and enroll in the relevant courses.


— we achieved
Users Through the Hashtag Campaign and Influencer Marketing
Subscriptions to Online Courses in 3 Months
Sales Against $4000 Ad Spent

“Believe me when I say that I’m blown away by the results. I was quite worried about running out of my ad budget but Progressive Marketing gave me hope. They helped me get a 17x return on investment and a huge client base in only 3 months. Thank you!”

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