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Email Marketing using Klaviyo | 71,000$ sales | 40% open rate

Email Marketing Tool

The client had an e-commerce healthcare store and wanted to increase the open rates of their emails from 10% to 20%. He wanted 30% of his total revenue from email campaigns. He was using Klaviyo for his email marketing and automation efforts.

THE PROCESS OF GETTING 71,000$ sales | 40% open rate STARTED:


E-Commerce Healthcare Store

This client wanted to get an email list of potential clients via lead generation. After that, he wanted to convert this email list into paying customers.


The objectives were:

  • Increase email open rate
  • Increase email click rate
  • Get more ROI from email initiatives
  • Identify the sweet spot for timings and frequency
  • Get 30% of the total revenue from email marketing


The challenges we faced were

  • No segmentation
  • No proper flows
  • No list cleaning
  • No email content strategy
  • No style /design guide
  • No clear customer personas
  • No lead magnets.
  • No landing pages
  • No ad account
  • No pixel or tracking setup
  • No optimization

Steps of


We began the implementation process by going through the following steps:

  • Email automation setup
  • Creation and updating of flows
  • Modification and testing of frequency; relevance; etc.
  • Segmentation
  • List cleaning
  • Content strategy re-creation
  • Creation of customer personas
  • Content creation
  • Proper branded designing
  • Creation of personalized email campaigns
  • Messaging emails for each major segment

Initiation &


After the email marketing strategy was finalized, the campaigns were initiated and targeted content was sent to the potential customers. We planned, executed, analyzed, and optimized the email marketing campaign.

  • List gathering: opt-in page; forms; offers or campaigns
  • Landing pages: specifically for email-driven clicks
  • Newsletter template
  • “Blast” template – offer campaign
  • Autoresponder or triggered campaigns
  • Transactional notices
  • Subject line or “from” name test
  • Mobile test
  • Social test
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Implementation Process

After the testing phase, our efforts were focused on implementing a sales funnel. The steps that we followed were:

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:


We created a separate list for each major audience segment.


We crafted personalized content for each major segment.


We modified our segments and content according to the response that we were getting.


We tested various times, frequencies, subject lines, and content types.


— we achieved
increase in sales attributed to emails
increase in revenue per recipient
Avg open rate

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