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Coaching Subscription

Our client operates a coaching service, which works with CEOs, executives, and entrepreneurs to improve their leadership skills, achieve growth, enhance profitability and plan an exit. The client has a team of seasoned professionals who serve as coaches for aspiring leaders.

03 Steps


Coaching for Professionals

With the coaching service established, the client needed a way to market their offerings, which were between 500$ to 5000$.

The client desired to attract the attention of decision-makers and leaders, but lacked a marketing strategy, ad assets, landing sites, lead magnets, ad account setup, and tracking, among other things.


The client’s main objective was to target business owners and provide them with one-on-one coaching to enhance their leadership qualities and team building.

Which would ultimately lead to higher revenue. The goals were:

  • Develop a steady stream of leads
  • Get the minimum cost per lead
  • Increase the conversion rate i-e the rate of turning leads into paid users


  • Lack of strategy
  • Lack of outreach through social media
  • No ads setup
  • Need for marketing plan
  • No prior marketing data
  • No customer personas
  • Lack of tracking setup



We examined and assessed the needs and challenges of the target audience, developed buyer personas, researched the competition’s advertising assets, checked the current ad accounts, website and other marketing assets and…. developed a thorough marketing strategy

Steps of


We began by creating the assets required for the creation of a complete sales funnel. Among these assets were the following:

  • Highly customized landing pages
  • Lead magnets for the landing pages
  • LinkedIn and other social media ad campaigns
  • Email campaigns and automation sequences

The process was like:

  • The LinkedIn ads would attract the target audience;
  • The target audience would be sent to the landing pages;
  • They would provide their contact information there because they want the lead magnets;
  • We would then initiate email marketing campaigns for nurturing and conversions;


After creating the assets, we began the ad campaigns by launching traffic and awareness campaigns. We tested:

  • Different social media platforms
  • Various audience segments
  • Ad content i-e creatives; copy etc.
  • Different landing pages and lead magnets
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Implementation Process

After the testing phase, our efforts were focused on implementing a sales funnel. The steps that we followed were:

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:


We initiated a traffic campaign to direct the target audience to the landing page we created.


Once the visitors showed interest in the lead magnets, we used retargeting ads to further grab their interest.


Once the visitors downloaded our lead magnets in exchange for their emails id, we would add them to our email marketing automation sequences to nurture them, to make a purchase.


Email campaigns in newsletter formats, webinars, automation, and good customer support ensured customer loyalty and retention after purchase.


— we achieved
We obtained a cost per lead

“We needed a way to market our coaching services to aspiring businessmen and women. However, creating a strong marketing strategy can be challenging. Luckily, Progressive Marketing took care of that and helped connect us with thousands of clients!”

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