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5400 Subscribers in 2 Months

Email Marketing Tool

The client had an email marketing tool and wanted to get paying users for the tool, from all over the world. There was a monthly subscription plan for the paid users. The client had 0 paying users at the time he came to us.



Email Subsciption

There was a monthly subscription plan for the paid users. The client had 0 paying users at the time he came to us. There was no marketing strategy, no market research, no testing of the tool and its usability, functionality, and interface, no ad assets, no ad accounts, no tracking…..nothing, just the tool.


Generate More Leads and Convert Them into Clients

The major objectives were:

  • Test the product in the market.
  • Test and add the needed functionality.
  •  Test the user experience etc
  • Get leads and paid subscribers.
  • Ensure customer retention.
  • Get brand awareness for the product: eyeballs, traffic, etc


The following were the challenges that we faced:

  • The absence of ad accounts, previous marketing data, etc
  • Absence of ad assets
  • There was no marketing strategy in place
  • There was no tracking and analytics setup
  • There was no automation and email marketing setup
  • The absence of testing of the product, audience, data on usability, etc



We approached the problem by working on the testing the product in the market by offering it as a free beta product and by working on improving the functionality, ease of use, the customer experience, etc., In the meanwhile, we created a complete marketing strategy by studying the target audience, the marketing campaigns and ad assets of the competitors, used various market research tools…..and crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Steps of


We began with creating the assets that were needed for implementing the strategy, including:

  • Setting up social media and ad accounts
  • Creating ad assets (videos; banners)
  • Setting up tracking
  • Creating landing pages
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Creating and setting up email campaigns



After the assets were created, we began the ads campaigns by initiating the traffic and awareness ads. The objectives at this stage were the following:

  • Testing various ad platforms and identifying which worked best for the tool
  • Testing different ad types and identifying which worked best
  • Testing various audiences and finding the ones that got us the best results
  • Testing various ad content and identifying the winners
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Implementation Process

After identifying each of the above, we focused our efforts and directed our marketing budgets to the platforms/audiences/campaigns types and ads that worked best.

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:


Channels and ad platforms used:

  • YouTube Ads
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Broad traffic ads/ Top of the funnel

The initial campaigns used were broad traffic ad campaigns that helped in data gathering and campaign optimization using the AI technology within the ad platforms.

Re-targeting ads/Middle of the funnel

The second set of campaigns were re-targeting campaigns that re-targeted visitors according to the interest shown via pages visited on the website. The purpose here was to urge the visitors to opt-in for the free trial.

Purchase and retention efforts/ Bottom of the funnel:

Once we started getting signups, we started the bottom of the funnel tactics i-e email campaigns and automation, webinars, etc to keep the audience engaged.


— we achieved
1st Month
2nd Month Stats

“Generating a significant number of subscribers was a major challenge. I didn’t have any marketing plan, but luckily for me, Progressive Marketing took care of all my marketing needs and got me to where I am today!”

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