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$48,000 Sales and ROAS 6 times in 4 months

Beauty Products – TikTok

The client was selling health and beauty products that were designed to help consumers maintain their skin’s natural glow.

03 Steps


The client was selling health and beauty products that were designed to help consumers maintain their skin’s natural glow. Their product line included a variety of oils, scrubs, and serums that are all made with natural ingredients. Each product is formulated to provide the ultimate hydration and nourishment for the skin.


Increasing sales and conversions through audience targeting on TikTok

Client wanted to take his business even further by using TikTok. They were using TikTok to provide viewers with helpful advice on how to lead a healthier life with healthier skin. They were giving tips on everything from healthy skin care routines to simple ways of increasing physical activity. With their creative skits and entertaining videos, they also made sure that health education is fun and accessible to everyone.

They advertised on TikTok reaching a good following. As a result of trial-and-error experiments, there were a variety of results.

In order to hit a larger audience with a greater conversion rate, they needed someone who could meet the expected ROAS in 6 months by using TikTok. They reached out to us to help them expand within the health and beauty industry.


  • No buyer persons
  • Wrong ads targeting 
  • Competitive niche 
  • Lower conversion rate 
  • Videos impression was good on TikTok, but the audience was not visiting the website 
  • No customer retaining method



Using Automatic Targeting and Custom Audiences to increase reach

When it comes to marketing campaigns, having clear objectives is key. After seeing the varied result of their previous campaign, they knew they had to make some changes in order to improve its effectiveness by increasing their reach and better targeting their ads. To begin, we decided to take a more strategic approach and outline their goals before implementing any tactics.

We used two methods while running the ads on TikTok 

  • Automatic targeting
  • Custom audience


What is automatic targeting?

Automatic Targeting utilizes advanced algorithms to identify relevant topics, interests, demographics and behaviors associated with a particular campaign or product. Once these factors have been identified, targeted ads can be created automatically.

What is the custom audience?

Custom Audiences is a powerful TikTok ad targeting tool that lets you find people who already know or have engaged with your business. By using Custom Audiences, you can effectively reconnect with and engage potential customers who are familiar with your brand.

This feature is also used to measure customer loyalty by tracking who’s returned after an initial interaction with your brand.

How did automatic targeting and custom audiences help us?

By using these two tools, we evaluated the customer data, identified customer personas, and mapped out an ideal journey for the target audience.

Automatic targeting lets us create TikTok in-feed video ads using their own organic posts and using posts from real TikTok accounts. It boosted account engagement and ultimately conversion rate.


– – At the time of publication, our marketing campaign has seen impressive results in its short lifespan. We were able to pull in over 2 million impressions and a sizeable increase in conversions. Our client has made a massive splash. With our innovative campaign, they have seen an incredible 6% increase in ROS and sales of $48,000 in 4 months.
Increase in ROS
Sales in 4 months

“I have recently engaged with Progressive Marketing to help us with sales and return on investment. We were really pleased with their services as they were able to help us achieve our desired goals in a limited time. They were highly responsive and provided us with regular updates on our progress.”

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