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Increase of 25% revenue with Klaviyo Email marketing

Klaviyo Email Marketing

The client is a B2B food manufacturing company offering taste and nutrition solutions in North America. 

03 Steps


B2B food manufacturing company

Their products are food and beverage products, taste ingredients and functional ingredients. The client is a large company that has been doing this business for many years and generating good revenue. 


Increase Sales Online by Email Marketing (Klaviyo)

The client set out to make big changes in their B2B business. They wanted to capitalize on the rapid growth of eCommerce by email marketing. They used Mailchimp first and then Klaviyo, but their open rate was low, and they didn’t get the desired result. They knew they needed an innovative approach to leverage technology and data-driven insights to stay competitive in the crowded marketplace. That’s when they came to us – Progressive Marketing.

The client needed to get more strategic about their marketing to take on the leaders in their space and acquire more sales. They were doing basic advertising through Facebook and email marketing through Mailchimp, but they needed to take their marketing to the next level and get more targeted with their efforts. They wanted to find a way to acquire new subscribers and retain and drive more sales from each customer. At that time, they had a 10,000 subscribers list. 


  • Not good performing subscriber list 
  • No audience segmentation 
  • The subject lines were too long and uninteresting 
  • Email graphics were too heavy 
  • No good customer retention 
  • Website issue
  • No comprehensive journeys or flows setup



The first thing we did when we got the account was to make sure that there was a ‘top of funnel,’ a ‘middle of the funnel,’ and a ‘bottom of the funnel.’ 


Top of funnel

 ‘Top of funnel’ is getting people to visit their site who have never heard of them or purchased from them. To get a relevant and up-to-date contact list, we created a highly optimized landing page by providing lead magnets to capture leads and generate sales. 

“A lead magnet is a marketing term for a free item or service given to gather contact details.”

Also, we ran ads on Facebook and Instagram to get the attention of our targeted audience. In the end, our purpose was to get the maximum relevant subscribers, and we achieved a good list of 10,000 subscribers in a month.

Middle of funnel

‘Middle of the funnel’ are those who have engaged with their ads but have not purchased for any reason.

Creating a successful email campaign requires more than just having an up-to-date contact list. We defined the target audience, segmented and personalized emails, and tracked the results. The opening rate reached from 15% to 30%, and the click-through rate increased by 6% in a month.

Bottom of funnel

‘Bottom of the funnel’ are people that have gone to the site and seriously considered buying, such as adding items to a cart but haven’t gotten around to it yet. 


To engage the audience, we crafted customized emails tailored to each recipient’s needs and tracked each segmented group’s response rate. By writing enticing subject lines, and relevant copy, our open rate and CTR increased to 40% and 9% respectively, in the 2nd month. 

We did not just focus on bringing new customers, but our focus was also on retaining clients. We created abandoned cart series to retain the clients and encouraged them to buy the products. 

Our revenue per recipient also improved, and we got 13% of clients returning to us.


After running ads, creating landing pages, and creating persuasive email copies, in 4 months, we achieved what our client asked of us. 
The open rate increased
Increase in sales
Increase in revenue per recipient

“I recently used Klaviyo to help increase our sales through Progressive Marketing, and I am thrilled with the results. They helped us to increase our sales by 25% in our given time which was impressive.”

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