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About SaaS Product

The client had a marketplace that connected companies/employers to freelancers/talent.

The process of getting 18791 paid subscribers in 4 months started:


A marketplace

The client had a marketplace that connected companies/employers to freelancers/talent. The company was based in the UK and the platform was active all over the world. There was a monthly subscription plan as well as they deducted commissions per project.


Grow subscribers

The major objectives were to increase the number of subscribers as well as increase subscriber retention. The client was facing very low subscription rates and even lower retention rates. The bounce rates were high and the platform wasn’t getting any real traction at all.


The low subscription rate was due to the low level of customer experience (UX/UI) the platform offered along with the lack of a proper marketing strategy. The following were the main challenges:

  • Poor UX/UI
  • No marketing strategy in place
  • No active social media accounts
  • No ad assets



We approached the problem from the root cause and started working on the customer experience. We improved the navigation of the marketplace by revamping the design of the website.

Next, we created a complete marketing strategy. We studied the attributes of the target audience, studied the marketing campaigns and ad assets of the competitors, went through the previous ad accounts, and crafted a comprehensive marketing strategy.

Steps of


We began with creating the assets that were needed for the creation of a full sales funnel, including:

  • Setting up social media and ad accounts
  • Creating ad assets (videos banners)
  • Setting up tracking
  • Creating landing pages
  • Creating lead magnets
  • Crafting and setting up email campaigns

Initiation and testing

After the assets were developed, we began the ads campaigns by initiating the traffic and awareness ads. The objectives at this stage were the following:

  • Testing various ad platforms and identifying which worked best for the marketplace.
  • Testing different ad types and identifying which worked best.
  • Testing various audiences and finding the ones that got us the best results.
  • Testing various ad content and identifying the winners
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The Implementation Process

After the testing phase, our efforts were focused on implementing a sales funnel. The steps that we followed were:

The process of implementation of sales funnels includes:


The focus at this stage was to generate awareness for the marketplace and for that purpose, we used site traffic and different awareness campaigns, to get the maximum number of visitors and eyeballs to the site.


Once the visitors showed interest in the marketplace, we used re-targeting ads to further kindle their interest.


After the interest phase, we offered the visitors to download our lead magnet and give us their email ids and become a lead, so that we can contact them further on a more personalized level i-e via emails.


Once we started getting email ids, we used email campaigns and automation to turn leads into paying customers.


Email campaigns in newsletter formats, webinars and good customer support ensured customer loyalty and retention.


— we achieved
Subscribers in 1st month
Subscribers in 2nd month
Subscribers in 3rd month

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